Charging station on OCM map but not in POI results


I’ve downloaded some data (for GB region) to test with and notice that there are some points on which aren’t in the POI data returned from an API call. Taking one as an example straight in the middle of the GB map: The Quay Car Park (OCM-18574) (54.073061, -4.651711)

In fact there seem to be around 10 in total in the Isle of Man alone, whereas the API call for GB is returning only 2. I thought it might be that the Country ISOCode wasn’t specified so I did a call with boundingbox specified, but it still only returned 2 for Isle of Man.

Hi, thanks for raising this. Do you have an example of the API call you’re using to download data?

The map app uses the same API you’re using but the calls will be different parameters.

Hi Christopher… sorry for the long delay in replying.

I tried a couple of things:

GET request to:

GET request to, -5.048797),(53.969601, -4.094066)

But I think I’ve just figured it out by removing the country code in the bounding box request - turns out the example I mentioned before has a country code of ‘IM’. So there seems to be variability in the ISOCode?

Hi, of you are filtering on a bounding box you probably should not filter on country as well, however the interesting thing here is the variability. Can you identify any data in the bounding box which doesn’t have the correct country set in the address?

It’s technically possible for imports or manual data entry to have positions within a country but with the wrong address (or wrong country).