Chademo is missing in Jordan!

When I try to add a new charging station in Jordan , Chademo isn’t available in the chargers list!!!

That’s suprising to me, apparently list of Connection Types are somehow country specific (?) - I was trying to confirm that by check if I can edit charging station in Amman.
Available connection types are:

[ ] Unknown
[ ] Blue Commando 2P+E
[ ] Tesla (Model S/X)
[ ] Type 1 (J1772)
[ ] Type 2 (Tethered Connector)
[ ] Unknown
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For the app editor (the one in we only list the connectors currently used in the given country. To get a new connector to appear you currently need to use the website editor ( which also has additional features for editors etc.

I did consider having a search tool for connectors (there are many many types of connector) but that relies on users knowing the names they are looking for.

Well noted sir, Chademo is the dominant fast charger here in Jordan since most of EVs here are used cars imported from the USA.

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