Bug regarding locations?

I’ve added two hotels, one in Poland, Warzaw and another location somewhere else.

When i added, the location was wrongly set to my home location (GPS from browser).
So added an edit, correcting the location (several days ago)

I believe the edits have been approved, but the location is still showing my home location.

kind regards,

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I just checked, it seems both affected entries are showing on both locations (the initially entered one, and the corrected one):

OCM-162239 = Hotel Pulawska
OCM-162238 = Royal Wilanow

Both are showing up at my home location (Absam, Austria) but also on their actual address. Looks like dupes, but the OCM numbers are identical. Really weird.

Hi, these both look OK now. I’ve updated your account now to be an Editor for Poland, that way your changes don’t require approval.

When you make changes (and it gets approved, which can take days) it can take up to 5 minutes for the data to replicate across our API servers, so results in app searches etc can still be out of date until your browser refreshes the view.

I don’t understand what you meany by the numbers being duplicates (did you mean position?). Note that when you do add a location you should position the map marker first, then modify the address, that way the marker position will never be wrong.

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Thanks a lot, Christopher. Yeah i figured that out later, added dozens of locations and i failed on those two. ^^ Somehow the search for locations behaves differently between searching the map and for adding locations. Locations that can be searched for on the regular map search are failing in the “add location” search. What i usually do then is searching for the city/village instead and manually looking for the exact position. Tedious, but it works!