Best way of representing street light charge points

In many areas, where the local authority has been replacing street lighting with low energy LED lighting, there’s spare capacity on the street lighting circuits, and they’ve been installing Type 2 socket chargepoints in the lamp columns themselves - a rather clever way of installing EV charging with minimal disruption.

But in some cases, there are many charge points in close vicinity to each other, in one case, there’s 13 individual charge points on the same street, within a few hundred metres.

In this case, the charge points came in from an import from the UK National Chargepoint Registry (which stores at individual chargepoint device level), but because they’re not a single installation with a cluster of charge points, many have been de-duplicated because they were so close to other locations.

So, what’s the best way of representing the facilities in that area? 13 locations, about 7 metres apart, or one location in Open Charge Map repsenting the street, with a quantity of 13 connectors?

Interesting! Plans for the new editor include a new equipment grouping (e.g. a Station/EVSE) which can including one or more connectors which may or may not be used simultaneously.

So for street lights you’d define the equipment template then say there are 13 instances, then the editor would create 13 copies. You could then optionally give each instance a geographic position (independent of the overall site marker position).

Sounds complicated but it seems necessary in order to replicate the real world configurations.