API: Usage of polyline parameter for endpoint 'Retrieve POI list'

I want to use the parameter ‘polyline’ along with the ‘Retrieve poi list’ endpoint. My idea is to use this to get charging stations along a route. This works great for polylines containing only a few points. In practice as the polyline contains more an more points, parameter ‘polyline’ gets too long, so that request via ‘GET’ does not work any more and an error occurs. I think this would not be a problem, if endpoint ‘Retrieve poi list’ would be available also via ‘POST’ requests.
Thanks for your great free API!
Regards from Austria

Hi, while the API does attempt to provide a broad range of functionality for different users we do leave some things as a exercise for the data consumer. Even if we implemented queries using POST we’d still need to place some kind of upper bound on acceptable polygon/polyline queries.

Currently we don’t have plans to implement a POST API for POI retrieval, so I would suggest:

  • you run a simplify function on your polyline before you encode it.
  • or, fetch a rectangular bounding box of your route then perform your own analysis to identify points closest to your polyline.
  • if that’s not going to work I would suggest pulling the data down into your own database and querying that directly.