API key for test env

I have created an api for a website using the prod domain and I just wanted to confirm while developing do the same key work for the dev environment?

Hi, we only have one API endpoint currently, so can use the same API key whether your app is production or testing, you could of course create two or more applications under your profile - one for test/dev and one for production etc.

Thank you so much for the responce

Hi Chris,
If we want to use API for two separate domains for a same organization, what would you recommend, that is same api key with two domain(api generation form accepts comma separated domains) or separate api key?

Really the API key is a means of identification so we can contact you if there is an API change which may affect you, or if your API use is problematic for us. So it doesn’t matter much to us if you share the API key across projects but it may matter to you.

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