API for charge point creation

Hi is there an API I can use to create charge points in OCM? I would be keen to try and setup some imports from UK networks that have been rapidly expanding recently (Pod Point, Instavolt etc), but that will need an API, and some guidance on how to handle deduplication. I happy to take on the work of managing the deduplication before pushing data, I just need some high level guidance on approaches that have worked in the past.

Yes there is, but you absolutely must have permission from data sources before they are imported. We could have easily just imported a bunch of different json feeds from various apps etc, but unless they explicitly license the data as Open Data we can’t touch it.

Hello Thomas,

Sorry, if you have read this and your question is deeper.
The OCM api itself is described here:

It is also used for submitting new charging stations to OCM.

Please try to find duplicates before submitting:-)
It is difficult, but using 20 Meters distance to existing locations should work.
On major rest areas at a motorway this rule might delete new genuine entries, when several companies are providing charging stations next to each other.

Good luck.