Announcing our new (simpler) data license for OCM Data: CC BY 4.0 International


As per our terms which state the OCM project may change our data license as required, we are moving from the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license to CC-BY 4.0.

The difference is the removal of the Share-Alike clause which was intended to encourage people who use our data to feed back changes to us, however this has never happened and we have no intention of ever actually enforcing any licensing terms. The new license simply requires some form of attribution to Open Charge Map, so people know where the data came from. Removing the Share-Alike requirement also simplifies the use of the data by commercial organizations who are sensitive to complex licensing clauses.

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license

In the future we would like to explore moving to an even more permissive Open Data license such as CC0 which is effectively a public domain license.

Please note that this license applies to data created and modified by Open Charge Map contributors. Charging Locations (POIs) are attributed to specific Data Providers (of which Open Charge Map is one) and each Data Provider has a stated license (included in our API reference data). If consuming data from the Open Charge Map API (or any other export) it is your responsibility to check the data provider for each POI is using a license compatible with your use.

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