All public charging stations in Poland available in EIPA

… but data license is unclear so it’s useless until some legal experts can sort out this piece of… law.

Namely, the act says:

“it enables to share the information collected therein, referred to in para. 3, to any entity interested in their processing in order to make them available on the map”

representative wrote to me that it’s allowed to process EIPA data for sharing points on a map and not for other purposes.

With the law is like with jokes: if you need to explain it, then it’s not a good joke.

So even though it might sound simple: yay! we have all the data we need and it’s allowed to process them to put data on the map, it’s not exactly what we are doing, because if I want to write a shell script that takes data and put it in my console or send me an SMS with nearest charging station, then it’s clearly not “sharing points on a map”. On the other hand, that’s just (stupid) interpretation done in the regulatory office. Act itself clearly states that “it’s a public registry”, “maintained for EV users”, “to provide information facilitating the use of these vehicles”. Sounds like the OCM.

Except that there’s no explicitly stated information about the data license.

Hmm, yes without a statement declaring it is as either public data or open data (with a specific license) we can’t do that much with it. It’s possible to automatically transform data to introduce your own creativity (i.e. reprocessing positions to new addresses and back to new positions, transforming equipment information to clean it up etc) but often it would be simpler just to encourage a local EV user group to document their local charging in OCM and it would achieve the same result and probably be more accurate overall.

I strongly believe that if users in a country don’t want something like OCM then it’s not our job to build it anyway, if on the other hand they’re looking for something like OCM then we can (as a community) let them know we exist and point them in our direction. OCM is only be sustainable if there is a community effort, so if there is no community in a given country that’s OK, they just don’t get the benefit of having the data available.

In the meantime, government funded registries exist with limited data licensing and they cost thousands of times more than what it costs to run OCM globally.

Ideally an EU body would take control of EV infrastructure data and get member countries to organise their data into well maintained data sets for us to consume, or they would fund OCM to be an organisation that does the same (no offers so far!).

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