Address autofill problem + suggest

Hi !

I’m adding some charging stations today and i found that the address autofill is no longer working.
I’ve tried to change from Google Chrome to Firefox (without any cache), but still doesn’t work.
Do you think you could fix this ? It’s very useful !!

And i have a suggestion.
When i’m adding a connector, could you automatically add the supply type (at least for CCS 2 : DC) ?
And i don’t know how difficult it could be, but if i can have CCS 2, CHAdeMO and Type 2 / Type 2 Tethered in the list with this order, it could be very great !

Thanks !

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. We need to get more volunteers to help with little technical tasks like this and also to assess the usability of such proposed changes etc.

Regarding the address autofill, it’s currently working for me so perhaps we hit a temporary rate limit on the Open Street Map lookup we use.

Regarding the list of connectors shown, we show the most popular ones for the current country but we need to add an optional lookup for all the other ones. Which country are you editing sites for?

I’m editing sites in France.
I would have liked to help you in dev but i’m already working on an app and it takes a lot of time !