Adding charging stations

Hello, I added a new station at Ma’al Kamon 2 Karmiel in the State of Israel. There is one station there with two charging cables, which means that car chargers can charge at the same time. That’s why I added the station as 2 stations, but on your map there is only one station with one cable, I don’t understand why? In addition, I tried to edit the position I added and configure 2 charging connections, but still only one position appears, thanks

An editor would not normally approve two submissions at the same location, so it’s probably that. The current listing appears to mention 2 stations now - edits take time to approve.

I also added a Charge Point 50kW DC fast charge Type 3 (Level 3) station in Parsons, KS. I needed it to show up on ABRP so I could plan a trip. This still hasn’t happened. Also, I had to label the station as a Type 2 because you don’t offer the choice of Level 3 or Type 3. Which, by the way, Levels are how I know stations not Types. It needs to be labeled properly and added to ABRP. There is also a CHAdeMO 50kW station there but it also needs to be labeled as Level 3 so I will wait to hear from you before I add it.

One of the options for a charger is a CCS type 1 which is what I think you are referring to as a “Level 3”. The correct term would be DC Fast Charger (DCFC). The “Level” terminology is only for AC charging at either 120v (Level 1) or 240v (Level 2).

Here is a capture of a location where there are Level 2, CHAdeMO and DCFC charging options:

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Particularly in the US there is confusion of Type 1 and Type 2 (which internationally are types of connector, basically J1772 and Mennekes, not power levels) because the convention from years ago was to refer to Level 1 and Level 2 a little bit interchangeably.

The rest of the world doesn’t have Level 1 because pretty much everyone else is on ~240v so the power level just isn’t that low. People sometime refer to low power domestic as Level 1 but I believe that official classification requires 120v.

We did have the concept of levels but these are so outdated we mostly have discarded them and actually calculate them dynamically in our data just for map icon colour selection.

Regarding ABRP, if the data is showing up in (approval for changes can take a few days) and things like the connector type, power level (kW) and network operator are correct then you will likely see it in ABRP as soon as they update their data (which could be monthly?).

They will be doing some deduplication on their side no doubt as they also maintain their own information for some parts of their data set, so if in doubt, find the location on our map, take note of the OCM reference number for it, then ask them.

I checked it seems to have worked out now a position appears with two connections