Adding a new network

What is the process for adding a new charging network?

The one I am thinking about is Evie Networks. They are building ultra-rapid stations around Australia.

What details do you need?

Website is

Stations open so far include:

Site Latitude Longitude Address City State PC
Tarcutta -35.277121 147.73609 32 Sydney Rd Tarcutta NSW 2652
Taree -31.943415 152.471059 201 Manning River Drive Glenthorne NSW 2430
Avenel -36.907519 145.239643 54 Jones St Avenel Vic 3664
Coochin Creek -26.917828 152.996457 4288 Bruce Hwy Coochin Creek Qld 4519

All are 2x stalls, both 350 kW units with Chademo & CCS2 plugs. Total plan is 42 sites.

That’s Evie added as a network now. The easiest way to add locations is to add one the copy it for the others (so you just have to pick the location and network then copy the closest equipment match).

Add/Edits are normally subject to editor approval so it can take a couple of days for someone to approve your first one before you can copy but I’ve made you an editor for Australia so your edits will go through in a few minutes (FYI, it can take 5 mins for our API mirrors to sync, so edits can look like they haven’t applied for a few mins after you submit them).