Adding a new network

What is the process for adding a new charging network?

The one I am thinking about is Evie Networks. They are building ultra-rapid stations around Australia.

What details do you need?

Website is

Stations open so far include:

Site Latitude Longitude Address City State PC
Tarcutta -35.277121 147.73609 32 Sydney Rd Tarcutta NSW 2652
Taree -31.943415 152.471059 201 Manning River Drive Glenthorne NSW 2430
Avenel -36.907519 145.239643 54 Jones St Avenel Vic 3664
Coochin Creek -26.917828 152.996457 4288 Bruce Hwy Coochin Creek Qld 4519

All are 2x stalls, both 350 kW units with Chademo & CCS2 plugs. Total plan is 42 sites.

That’s Evie added as a network now. The easiest way to add locations is to add one the copy it for the others (so you just have to pick the location and network then copy the closest equipment match).

Add/Edits are normally subject to editor approval so it can take a couple of days for someone to approve your first one before you can copy but I’ve made you an editor for Australia so your edits will go through in a few minutes (FYI, it can take 5 mins for our API mirrors to sync, so edits can look like they haven’t applied for a few mins after you submit them).

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Thanks @Christopher!

I have a request for another one. Electric Highway Tasmania. Website not up yet, but their first site is (just added it!). 2nd is under construction, and they’re planning to have 7 sites before the end of the year.

A bit of a weird one as they are their own network but as well as their own billing (RFC card), or Paywave credit card direct, they’ll also accept Chargefox app/card. Not sure if there is a way to specify multiple networks?

Thanks I’ve added them as a network now. No we don’t currently support equipment which is multi-network, but there is a requirement for it (this is also common in other countries), in the meantime as long as the main network is specified hopefully local users will be aware of the subtleties. You can add general comments if that helps.

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I would also like to add some networks for Romania.
From what I can see there is not much data for my country, so I’d like to contribute as much as I can.

EV-Mag -
Enel X
E.ON Drive
EV Connect - (there is already a network by that name, but it seems to be a different one with the same name from a different country)


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Thanks, where there was ambiguity I have added them as their website domain rather than their brand name (e.g. as we need to differentiate between networks that have chosen the same name as other companies in different countries.

Thank you. Sorry for the confusion. When I posted earlier I could only add 2 URLs (fresh user) so I picked two that seemed appropriate.
I will start adding new stations for these networks. I will try to get as much data directly from them as I can.

Please add “ejoin” operator for Slovakia, map of their stations:
and webpage

Thanks, they’ve already been added.

Hello, please add EVDirect operator for Hungary.
contact email: [email protected]
phone: +36 30 550 9858

Hi, please add also OlifeEnergy network in Czech rep.
e-mail: [email protected]
phone: +420 724 196 587

Is there possibility to automatically import data about our chargers using API?

@EVDirect and @OlifeEnergy your networks are now available for selection when adding charging locations.

@OlifeEnergy for data imports we can either develop an import for your existing API or you can publish to our API. Alternatively you can populate a copy of our import temaplte and we can import that for you ( If you have less than 50 sites you may find it just as easy to simply add them manually. Once one location has been published you can choose to copy existing sites to new locations, so if all your sites have the same equipment this is the easiest way to add many sites.

Hello there.

Seems like there’s some confusion in Greece regarding the Blink Charging Europe network that is on full expansion here. “Blink Charging Europe” is a new network, not the same as the North American “Blink Network/ECOtality”, it’s a daughter company of Blink US. Here’s their webpage. I believe they should be added as a network of their own in Greece, or disconnected from the north american one, since looks like all Blink chargers in Greece are somehow tied to the north american network operator (I may have been the one who initially reported those chargers as such, I don’t remember).
Also, is there a country operator in Greece? I will have lots of work to do on OpenChargeMap, although I don’t prefer the interface over plugshare, for example. But looks like OCM is a bit more open, so I guess I will have to transfer lots of data over.

Also, please add “EVziiin” as a new network (, as well as EVloader (infer their webpage, unfortunately I cannot post more), both brand-new Greek networks.


Hi, pls add new charge point provider in The Netherlands:

name: e-VOLTT
email: [email protected]
phone: +31(0)85 1054135

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@Christopher where to should I send or upload the CSV file made by template? Thank you.

Hi, if you could just create a new issue under the ocm-data repository on GitHub: then drag and drop your file to attach it. I’ll have a look and let you know when it’s imported.

Hi Christopher, I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into putting OCM together. I’ve been using the EV route planning service, They’ve integrated OCM’s API and while their service works great in Europe and other territories, unfortunately in my region (in Chile), the community hasn’t integrated much of the local charging network. I’d like to do my part and add these locations (which I’ve mapped here: Puntos de Carga Públicos - Chile - Google Sheets), and was hoping you could make me an Editor so that I don’t need to wait for someone in my area to review each submission. I also wanted to ask if there’s any way I could upload this data in bulk?

Hi Diego,

Thanks, you can provide data as a one-time bulk upload by converting it into our upload spreadsheet format (ocm-docs/DataImport/ImportTemplate at master · openchargemap/ocm-docs · GitHub), then attaching it to a new data import issue

The data cannot contain private residences.

Possible to add 2 new network in France?

1 - Total EV Charge :
About XX active stations in France (and in Europe globaly)
2 - Proviridis (aka Z-E-N / Zero Emission Network) :
About 3 active stations in France, but some other will be available


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Any news please? thanks!