Adding a logo for Type 3C

Hello !

I’m new here :wave:
For my next project, I will use the data given by Open Charge Map and it seems logic to me to help to update the data.
In France, we have a lot of old chargers with Type 3C connector, but the Open Charge Map does not contain a logo for it.
Could it be possible to add a logo (it will make contribution much easier) ?

Thanks a lot !

Hi, thanks for your suggestion. To contribute a logo we would need an SVG file and the style would need to be consistent with the other connectors (transparent background, black lines), the current connector images used can be found here: ocm-app/src/assets/images/icons/connectors at master · openchargemap/ocm-app · GitHub


I’ve found a Type 3C logo on the Wikimedia that is used for the others logo.
It’s available here : EV Charger Gallery - Wikimedia Commons

Could you push this image or do i need to do it myself ? (I don’t really know how to do it :sweat_smile:)


Thanks! That’s been integrated into the web app and updated now.

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