Add Location Country

When adding a new location, the Country selector has a pretty bad UI: it’s not keyboad-accessible, I can’t search, there’s no scrollbar, and OCM is cheating with Australia :stuck_out_tongue:

Come to think of it, since the first step is dropping the pin on the station’s exact location, that should auto-complete a few more fields than just the GPS coordinates, based for example on OpenStreetMap’s Nominatim API.

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So the main supported editor is - we do have an older edit web page at but I predict that will eventually be retired as nobody wants to maintain two codebases (especially me).

Both the older editor and the newer editor (in the app) have an option to ‘Use this address’ when you move the map positioning, so the intention is that you would do that to get your address started. Yes we could use an autocomplete etc if you’re willing to code it :slight_smile: You mentioned that the country dropdown was not keyboard accessible, I think you mean it’s not searchable, because it does work form a keyboard it’s just that you’d have to scroll through everything - it depends on the OS/platform/browser.

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OMG. I just figured out i’ve always used the old editor …

I see now.
It wasn’t clear for me on first seeing it what (side) effect that button will have.
I’ve made a request to make its label more explicit:

Regarding keyboard accessibility, I mainly meant that I expected to be able to type and TAB thru the Postal Code then Country fields; regardless, I’ll use the button from now on.