Add additional socket type

In New Zealand the majority of the dc fast chargers are tritium vefill 50kw units with 1 Chademo and 1 css lead, however it can only charge 1 car at a time. For both ease of contribution/ convenience - halving the time it takes to add both plugs and to improve user clarity (more easily distinguish that it is 1 or the other) i would suggest adding a plug option called “CHAdeMo and CSS Combo”, or ’ Chademo / CSS’ or something to that effect.

The suggested option is available in plugshare, and it seems to work well.
Plugshare options

Thanks, in the long term we would like to reorganise our data slightly so that within a given location you can have multiple “EVSE” (discreet charging units) which in turn have one or more connection ports available. Some EVSE may have sharing (use any or both connections), some may not.

I agree it would just be easier for users to be able to specify one choice from a list but I’m not sure that’s ultimately the best choice for data quality/completeness.

Regarding ease of use - by far the easiest method of adding equipment is to add one charging location with the full equipment specification, then use the copy option in the app to populate the others (just changing the location info).