Add a whole French regional network

I just signed-in because opendata is available for a bunch of regional (state) networks in my area and most charging stations are missing.
Could you please add this network ?
The data is available here (csv/json/…) with an open licence :

Thanks a lot and let me know if you need assistance as the page is in French.
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Hi Ben, the main issue with imports currently is that I don’t have spare time to work on them. If you are technical you could perhaps help?

Is this data different to

Is there a generic CSV import tool? Just an idea, instead of building custom imports for each data source, maybe we could have a generic import tool on the website that expects a certain CSV format, people like us can prepare CSV accordingly and then do a mass import.

We enthusiasts could contact EV chargigng operators and they could update their own stations quickly using this tool. I bet at least some operators would use it, as long as it’s not too complicated.

Optional: photos could be provided as http(s) urls or a ZIP file that uses unique IDs such as line numbers to match the according CSV line?

I have manually added some 100+ chargers yesterday and today, basically all chargers that i had been using in the past months and that i made photos of … oh boy this is a lot of work to do manually. :wink:

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thanks for all your work!

We can accept CSV imports but they are the lowest fidelity - i.e. it can’t be used to express more than a few equipment connections etc. There is an import template for this format:

In all cases data must be given to use by the source with permission to redistribute under our open data license - we could easily just find websites and load data from them (most have a json data feed or other parseable data) but eventually we’d copy something that is copyright someone else and then we’d have legal problems. Some other websites do just grab data from websites they come across, we don’t.

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So if you have a data source you want to see in OCM:

  • If it is under an explicit recognized Open Data license, flag it in this forum or open a github issue
  • Consider what work is required to load the data
  • Will the import be repeated, if so it requires a data import process
  • If the data is a one-off load, it can be transposed to our data import CSV template and passed to us with details of the open data license that applies. We will then arrange for it to be de-duplicated and uploaded against the new Data Provider (so we can provide atttribution to the original source).
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Note that actually performing the import of a prepared data set (CSV or OCM POI list) isn’t such as big deal, its determining the permission to use the data then transposing the data for import that takes effort.

Hi and sorry for the delay !

I’ve managed to find some time to look into this. The regional open data I suggested is in fact already integrated in the national data base at

With your github link I managed to find the dataset description and preview here and the latest version (" Dernière version consolidée") does include all the regional charging stations.

            // InputData = "{\"resources\": [ {\"latest\": \"\"  } ]}";

in your github points to the correct data but I think there must be some parsing error somewhere which prevents the data from being updated and many newer charging points are missing.

In my case, the whole “sydego” network (“n_enseigne” column in the csv file) seems to be missing. Only manually added charging points are included on OCM.

Hope this helps figuring what’s wrong.
Thanks !

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Thanks, I’ll take a look, perhaps we just need a fresh import if these were added recently.

I’ve found the thread about from back in March. I checked the dataset from March and the charging stations were already in the list. You mentionned ignoring a bunch of duplicates at the time. Maybe too much was left out.

Maybe something to do with special characters messing up the import too ? “Syndicat d’énergie…” (’ é)

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This import has been updated now. If there are issues with special characters please check the source data first and let me know if there is a character that is not being interpreted properly.

Thanks a lot, the two missing networks are now included in OCM. Great !
One further away is not displayed but it’s not included in the dataset so don’t blame yourself :wink:


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